Traditional Bonded Work

We use the highest quality alloys to underpin all of our bonded work and you have a choice of many alloys (both precious and non precious) from Argen the leading supplier of dental alloys. Noritake porcelain is our porcelain of choice and having worked with this system for many years we are able to provide the best aesthetic finishes available. All of our private work is CAD cam designed and the cores milled.

Traditional Bonded Work
Before Bonded Work After Bonded Work


The extremely popular IPS e.max CAD is a versatile and dependable lithium disilicate ceramic for CAD/CAM work in the laboratory. The material is characterized by amazing esthetics, exceptional light-optical properties, high precision and outstanding stability. A wide range of translucency levels, shades and block sizes offers great flexibility.

Suitable for single-tooth restorations, hybrid abutment restorations and three-unit bridges. Depending on the indication, it can be cemented with the adhesive, self-adhesive or conventional technique.

For more information please see: Emax Tech Data & Preparation Guide

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We use the Noritake Katana HT multi-layered zirconia disc for use with CAD/CAM that reproduces the chromatic graduations of natural teeth. This innovation far surpasses other zirconia disks on the market.

When single-colour zirconia or glass materials are used, colour adjustments including staining must be performed to provide the variation that gives the restoration a natural appearance. The development of their multi-layered zirconia discs with high translucency has reduced the complexity of this step, making it possible to create a highly aesthetic anterior restoration.

We are able to offer highly aesthetic porcelain layered zirconia restorations form single crowns to full arch bridges.

Zirconia Restorations

We also offer monolithic translucent restorations for crown and bridge. As the restoration is cad cam designed and milled from a single piece of zirconia, these restorations offer exceptional strength and can be used especially in posterior cases where there is little space and maximum strength is required but still achieve a far higher aesthetic result than more conventional gold crowns.

Zirconia Crown an Bridge
Nobel Biocare
Before Cad Cam After Cad Cam

Implant Restorations

Implantology is an area where we feel we excel. We have a team of trained, skilled technicians that bring together a variety of disciplines to ensure we offer the best service possible to our clients.

Our disciplines include cad cam design, milling, waxing and casting, prosthetics, porcelain, radio-graphic and surgical stent fabrication, all working together with our clients to give the patient the best aesthetic and functional out come.

We offer high quality crowns and bridgework for implants that are highly esthetic thanks to natural shading and translucency.

Individual customized production guarantees accuracy of fit and optimized functionality.

Flexible handling thanks to screw fixation. Benefits in terms of treatment and later on extending to care and adjustments.

We are experienced in all major implant systems and are a Straumann Platinum Approved Laboratory.

Implant Restorations

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